Tohoku Offers The Perfect Winter Itinerary:The special winter season of Tohoku is reputable for heavenly frozen lakes, lovely ice fields, and cherry trees turned white by the thick snow that rains on the island. Skiing resorts such as Api Kogen offer generous runs, while onsens in Akita provide warm baths!

If winter sports have drawn you to Tohoku, you’ll not be disappointed! With thick snow and gentle mountains everywhere, you can sit down to skiing lessons before going backcountry, cross-country, or telemark skiing on adrenaline-inducing terrains. Alternatively, you can take things slow with a snowshoeing experience that’s good for beginners and children, or through a one-of-a-kind snow sledding and canoe snow sledding experience. You can also choose to spend some time at the Ani Gondola Ski Resort where you can embark on Taxi sightseeing tours of Mt. Moriyoshi, or get in some precious family time smelt fishing with loved ones!

Shake off the winter chills at popular onsens such as the Mt. Zao Hot Spring ski resort or hit the streets of Sendai town to discover its hidden alleyways “Yokocho” and be part of the local drinking traditions. If that sounds like something you’d love to do, you’ll also appreciate the beer tasting and sake brewery tours of Tohoku. Beyond the beverage, the Tohoku region also lets you in on other famous cultural experiences including ceramic pottery, traditional Japanese Lacquerware making, taiko (Japanese drumming), and chopsticks making. More unique traditional experiences involving native customs include kokeshi doll making and panting.

Lovers of Japanese cuisine will have their fun too. Embrace sake tasting and food tours with cooking classes featuring specialties like fugu, oysters, kamaboko, Kiritanpo hotpot with Hinai chicken, and buckwheat soba noodles!

What do people do for fun in Tohoku during the cold season? We’re glad you asked because the answer is a lot! For one, you can sightsee the beautiful white landscapes of winter through paragliding, or closer to the ground with go-kart and bike rides across the snow. A tactical airsoft game is also on the table, and you can duck, shoot, and realize those action movie fantasies in beautiful surroundings! Additionally, head over to Miyagi Fox valley and spend some time at the fluffiest place on earth, or wind down at the Edo-era Ouchi-juku village in Fukushima.

With lots of Edo history on offer and so many winter activities and cultural experiences than you can count with both hands, Tohoku ensures your Japan winter holiday is full of excitement and adventure. Let Activity Japan lead you to your heart’s desire!

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Are you all about skiing? So are we! Go backcountry skiing in Tohoku and realize the joys of splashing the snow at high speeds or embrace Tohoku telemark skiing and slide along with just as much snow as there is fun. If you’d like to try out cross-country skiing and have no clue about the sport in general but don’t mind getting started, sign up for Tohoku skiing lessons!

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With lovely whitewashed, hilly landscapes that look like the work of a famous painter, you’re sure to love the winter sports in Tohoku. Team up with friends on Tohoku snowmobile tours, or snowshoe between trees and peaceful nature. Snow sledding down a sunbathed slope is fun too, and so is Tohoku fishing with your buddies where you get to catch native fish and prepare tasty meals!

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A diverse and exciting Japanese culture awaits your indulgence, and you can learn the ways of Edo warriors with ninja and samurai tours in Tohoku. Apart from ancient martial arts, sit down to traditional Japanese Lacquerware painting involving beautiful colors and patterns, or sing your day away listening and taking part in Tohoku taiko drumming, famous for the role it plays across important festivals in the country!

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Watch shooter games come to life with survival games in Tohoku that give you the pleasure of wielding military weapons and experiencing the simulation of battle. More fun comes in the form of canoe snow sledding in Tohoku and relaxing with fulfilling Tohoku hot spring trips. Lovers of speed are covered by go-kart experiences that give you a taste of life should you have wanted to become a pro racer!

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If the food of the region interests you more than anything, we have plenty lined up for you! You could try your hand at fugu cuisine cooking or other cooking classes in Tohoku that might be of interest to you. Stop by a famous restaurant and get a rare showing of what happens behind the kitchen doors, or stroll down to a brewery for some unique sake tasting in Tohoku!

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For those with a passion for handwork and creating art, Tohoku pottery workshops are just the place to breathe life into your ideas. You can do the same with different materials at metal workshops in Tohoku, where you can make soldier figurines and whatever else that comes to mind. Building and painting kokeshi dolls is just as fulfilling and so too is creating popular eating accessories in Japanese culture like chopsticks!

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